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Hygge part 2 - how being in the moment is the key to positivity and avoiding stress

I love history and I'm also a great believer in planning ahead, but the fact still remains that each moment we live, we live in the now and it's important to recognize that what we do in each and every "now" moment is the key to leading enriching and positive lives.

These days, we are often encouraged to think about ways we can do more with less and in many ways that's a good thing.  It fits in with the concept of sustainability and reducing, reusing and recycling.  At the same time however, it's important to recognize that devices which perform more than one function rarely perform as well as devices which are dedicated to one, single function.  They are "jacks of all trades" and hence "masters of none".  Smartphones are a good example of this, those of us who are old enough to remember the old candybar phones will remember that actually, they were far better just as phones and even younger people often see the merits of buying dedicated…

16 tips to preparing for a healthy and positive winter

Last week, I started a series on hygge by talking about the importance of light in the darker months.  The hygge series will be continuing on alternate weeks, so this week, I wanted to take a broader look at preparing mind and body for a healthy and positive winter.  I’ve listed ? actionable tips to help you through the dark and cold months to follow.
1. Layer up and use breathable fabrics as much as possible
While there’s still a place for traditional winter clothes, it has to be recognized that lifestyles have changed dramatically since the creation of classic staples like the woollen winter coat.  If your lifestyle means that you are regularly moving in and out of places with different temperatures (e.g. out of a warm house into the cold street then into a warm car then into a cold street then into a warm office), then you are probably best to look at layers and breathable fabrics.
2. Use a scarf round your nose and mouth to warm the air before it hits your lungs
Little edges c…

Hygge part 1 - 5 ways to use light to beat the winter blues

Winter is coming and we all know what comes with it – short days and long nights, together with cold, harsh weather.  This is the time of year when the outdoors is at its most challenging and so it’s important to make the most of the indoors.  While the Danish concept of hygge (roughly translatable as cosiness) is applicable all year round, it really comes into its own in winter, when there is such a sharp contrast between the outer world and the inner one.  Because of this, I’ll be running a series on hygge over the winter months, with posts every other week.  This week, I’ll looking at the importance of creating a positive atmosphere, focusing on the importance of light.
Top tip – think safety first
Before we get into hygge itself, I’d just like to remind people that being able to see is important from a safety perspective, so before you start applying the principles of hygge to your home, please take the time to double-check whether there’s anything you need to do to make sure you…

7 points to managing Christmas positively

A part of me can’t believe I’m actually writing this now, but all the signs are pointing to the arrival of Christmas – even though we haven’t actually had Halloween yet.  I’ve already seen adverts for Christmas jobs and had my first invitation to a Christmas lunch. I doubt it will be long before the onslaught of adverts starts, telling us that we must buy or do this, that and the next thing.   I’m therefore writing this post now to help you enjoy the Christmas period, regardless of whether or not you celebrate it as a religious festival, and to minimize the stress it can cause.  So here are 7 points to managing Christmas positively.

Ask yourself why you are celebrating Christmas and if you are unable to come up with at least one positive reason, opt out.

A positive reason means that you see a benefit for you, so, for example “it’s expected of me” is not a positive reason, “I know it makes my parents happy and that’s important to me” is a positive reason.  Be clear about why Christmas m…