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Goodbye 2017 - Learn to love life cleaning

So if you’re into minimalism and hygge and positivity (and if you’re reading this blog, it’s a fair bet you’ll be into at least one of these), then you may well have already come across the Swedish concept of “dostadning”, which is literally translated as “death cleaning”.  Now, I have to say, when I first heard the term “death cleaning”, I immediately thought of Arya Stark washing corpses in the House of Black and White and that image still pops into my head whenever I hear the term.  Based on the comments I’ve read on the internet I get the feeling that I’m far from the only person who finds the name conjures up rather morbid thoughts.

Leaving aside the name though, my main issue with the concept of “death cleaning” is that it seems to focus on your death and making life easier for those who have to deal with your estate, rather than focussing on your life and making your death meaningful as a result of your life being meaningful.  It also turns the basic concept into a sacrifice, so…

Hygge part 6 - Eight tips on how to be together without cracking up

Even though for about half the world, Christmas falls at the coldest time of year (and for the other half of the world it's in the hottest time of the year), Christmas is probably the time when most people do most socializing.  You only need to glance at the adverts being shown at the moment to see how companies push the importance of being together at Christmas and the idea of being the perfect host/ess (with the help of their products of course).  Ignore them, being a great host isn't about spending a fortune on food, drink, decorations and entertainment.  It's about making sure you and your guests have a great time together and if you follow these 8 tips, you'll set yourself up to succeed at making it happen.

Create some physical boundaries

Your guests need space and so do you.  If you make sure that they have everything they could reasonably need or want in the places you want them to be, then you stop them having a reason to wander into spaces you'd rather ke…

The simple joy of ordinary hot water and how it can keep you and your loved ones healthy and happy this winter

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, winter is now very definitely here and it’s digging in.  On the plus side, the festive season is now getting into full swing too and it would be a shame to miss any of it by getting ill.  Even going into the New Year, when the party season comes to an end, winter still has its good points.  The good news is that you can do a lot to take care of your own body and mind (and those of your loved ones) without spending a fortune, just by making the most of plain, simple water.  Here are some tips.
Drink it
Water in general is good for you and in hot temperatures there’s a lot to be said for drinking cold water.  When temperatures fall, however, the benefits of warm water really start to make themselves felt.  In cold weather, it’s easy for the body to become sluggish, for example, for your circulation to drop (hence pins and needles when you’re waiting for a bus or train).  The warmth of the water helps to speed up the body’s system and keep you in go…

Hygge part 5 - the true meaning of comfort

As I write this, people in the U.S. will, hopefully, now have recovered from Thanksgiving and cyber Monday and will probably now be gearing themselves up for Christmas.  Those of us in the UK and elsewhere will probably be at various stages of preparation for Christmas.  In fact, speaking for myself and the people I know, now is the time we all start really thinking about the Christmas festivities or, at the very least, the winter season and everything it brings with it.  It also seems to be the time when the internet fills up with content on how to make guests feel comfortable and for the record, I find some of them at least very useful, but many of them seem to focus on the details rather than larger concepts which lie behind them.  So, to counterbalance this, here’s my take on creating comfort for yourself and your loved ones now and all year round - without it becoming a source of stress.

Accept the fact that nobody’s perfect and assume that other people accept it too

When you go to…