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The Easter tradition of Paaskekrimmen, how to indulge your reading habit for the lowest cost and 4 book recommendations

I like to do something a little different for special events, so, with Easter coming up, I started researching Easter traditions around the world to see what blog inspiration I could find.  My luck was in and I stumbled upon the Norwegian Easter tradition of Paaskekrimmen.  Interestingly, this is one of the few traditions I know of where it's clear exactly when it began, almost 100 years ago in 1923.  A Norwegian publisher had the bright idea of creating an advert for a crime novel in a way which made it appear like an actual newspaper story (not sure this would be allowed today).  The idea was a big success, so big, in fact that it started a tradition and ever since then, while most of the rest of the world has been out frolicking in the Spring sunshine (or enjoying the longer days at least) Norwegians have spent their Easter tucked up with crime novels (although a lot of them do head out to the countryside to do their reading).  Book publishers, magazines and newspapers all do …