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Useful and free online self-development resources

Probably stating the obvious, but still needed to be included!

Open Culture

This is a long list of free educational resources with links.  Personally I find it a great place to browse, but a bit frustrating if you're looking for something specific.

Da Vinci and the 40 Answers

I bought this book when it was first published and was gutted when I lent it to someone never to have it returned.  Searching the internet for a replacement, I discovered it had become available for free.

Project Gutenberg

Free ebooks in various languages.


Free ebooks in various languages.


A collection of audiobooks read by volunteers.  The quality of the reading varies, but they are all free and they are available in various languages so could be a great resource for language learners.

TED Talks

Hear some of the best speakers in the world talk about their passions.


The same principles as TED but run independently.

Geography Now

A fun but informative look at geography