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High quality, free, online courses

This list is of high-quality, free, online courses.  There is much more out there and even more "freemium" courses, but I have curated this list to include only reputable providers with user-friendly interfaces.  I'm always open to new suggestions!  Please note these are ordinary links rather than affiliate ones.

Khan Academy

High-school-level courses on a number of subjects


Free courses in various languages, from French to Turkish via High Valyrian.

The Open University (UK) Free Courses

The Open University was founded in 1969 and its degrees are now widely recognised by employers.  Some of these taster courses can result in certification.

MIT Open Courseware

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the most famous educational institutions in the world and has made a lot of its course content available for free.

Open Yale Courses

Yale is another prestigious institution offering free courses. Academy is working to establish itself as a genuinely free university.  It offers a range of high-quality, free courses.

Free online typing course

In my opinion, typing is one of the most useful skills anyone can learn.

Microsoft Office Support

Brush up your skills with Microsoft Office with help from the people who developed it.

Google Digital Garage

If you want to learn about the web, learn from the masters of it.


THE name in search engine optimization offers a huge range of free resources.

Hubspot Academy

Free sales and marketing training.

Code Academy

Learn to code for free.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

This is for people who want to learn to create software in Microsoft environments.